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Machine Round Up – September 2021

This month as well as machines being dispatched globally to customers the team also sent some machines to the PPMA show ready for the team to demo to customers. To find out how the show went, click here.

Here’s quick overview of a few of the machines disptached during September.

These Revolution high speed fully automatic tray sealers all headed off to Europe where they will be packing a variety of mushrooms. #mushroomtraysealer

This Revolution XL twin lane was shipped over the pond to the US where it will be packing soft fruit. #softfruittraysealer

Two semi automatic Eclipse 182 tray sealers made their way to Scotland to pack seafood #seafoodtrasealer

Eclipse SL4 fully electric automatic tray sealer will be packing nuts and seeds in Europe. #snacktraysealer

And we had a PA240 dispatched to Derbyshire to pack puddings #puddingtraysealer

To discover the full range of machines on offer please visit: or contact the sales team on 01565 756555


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